Ocean Freight



As a single point of entry, Light Shipping Lines provides access to a global network with a wide choice of routes and shipping options. We also improves our clients’ productivity, for example by helping them effectively manage inventory levels or by making the supply chain more visible through visibility tools. Light Shipping Lines provides ocean freight capacity under three main services, namely:

  • Full Container Load: FCL is the shipping option that makes up the majority of our Ocean Freight service and it involves shipping a full container as a single unit. For customers this is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products.
  • Less than Container Load: LCL involves moving goods that do not fill a container. Cargoes are combined with others to maximize load factors of containers. Combining goods headed to the same region or destination gives customers with lower volume shipments access to ocean freight economies of scale that are normally restricted to full container movements.
  • Non-Containerized Load: The NCL service covers goods that require special handling not covered by shipping in a standard container or oversize goods that do not fit a standard container. In addition to moving these loads by ship, we arrange road or other transport assistance to the final destination.

Service Plus!

Because certain shipments require special handling or the use of specialised equipment in order to comply with your instructions and legal requirements, we have compiled a menu of enhancements to cover almost all eventualities.

We call this Service Plus! – it can be added to any of our standard ocean freight products and tailored to suit every requirement.

Options include:

  • Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR)
  • Temperature Controlled Transportation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
  • Certification and Legalisation of Documents
  • Food and Drug Administration Filing (FDA)
  • Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI)

What makes us the best choice

  • We organize all ocean freight traffic on a multi-carrier principle to optimize cost and time of the transportation process.
  • Door-to-door shipments to all continents
  • Dedicated FCL operational staff
  • Dangerous Good Handling
  • General LCL services and multi-vendor buyers’ consolidations for shipments sourced from single and multiple countries on both origin and destination.
  • Cost efficient and highly professional cargo handling

Worldwide Ocean Transport


Light Shipping Lines is present in all major cities and ports and has a strong presence in Rotterdam and Asia Pacific, which remains the largest ocean freight markets globally. 


Light Shipping Lines enjoys partnerships with the majority of the world’s biggest ocean carriers, contracting space allocations on a variety of their routes to manage capacity in line with the demand from its customer base. 

FIATA Accredited 

Light Shipping Lines  can issue Ocean or Combined Transport Bills of Lading and Waybills. We work with best-in-class alliances and shipping partners.


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